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Making compost is a healing process for mother earth.

It closes the circle of life.


Compost returns what was into what will be.

We all need healing now.

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Cleveland Heights Compost Pledge

We are accelerating composting in Cleveland Heights and invite you to compost with us.

Our goal for 2021 is set:

To invite, inspire and encourage

100 households in Cleveland Heights

(and neighboring cities) to start composting.

Composting is natures oldest form of recycling. It can be done in your home or backyard. It is odorless and with low maintenance.

Less trash pick up

The urban city is perfect a place to up-cycle your organic wastes into soil.

Our progress: 33/ 100 households

last update: 09/07/2021

We have started a pilot project to convert 100 households to use a vermicomposter for their kitchen scraps.

We are educating citizens and neighbors about the simple process of (wormy) composting organic trash by teaming with compost worms.

We are turning neighbors into composting mentors. The hardest part about composting is taking the first step.

Composting our organic waste stream means returning those organic compounds to nature.